Create Video Demonstrations with Screen Recording Software

Russ Walker
DeVry University - Long Beach

Presented at TechEd, Pasadena, CA, March 27, 2006


If you attended my presentation at TechEd 2006, thanks!  If you found this page in some other way, welcome!  Either way I hope you find the resources here helpful.


Handouts from the presentation

You will need a recent version of the Adobe Reader software for these.  You can download it free, if necessary, from Adobe's Web site.


Sample videos from the presentation


TechSmith Camtasia Site

Very extensive site with a lot of education-related resources, including lots of sample videos.  You can buy direct from their online store at academic pricing, although you might get a slightly better deal at some of the academic software stores online (see below).


Macromedia Captivate Site

Lots of how-to and support information, plus samples, at this site, although somewhat less education-focused than the TechSmith site.  Also allows you to buy direct from their online store at academic pricing, but you can definitely save a few bucks on Camtasia if you shop around at the academic store sites (see below).


Academic Software Stores Online

(There are many more of these; the above are just a couple of sites that I use to help you get started. )


Research and References on Educational Use of Screen Recordings

Barnes, L., Scutter, S., & Young, J. (2005). Using screen recording and compression software to support online learning. INNOVATE 1(5).

Weber, P., & Epstein, W. C. (2003). An innovative approach to teaching software utilizing computer screen recording technology. In Weigand, C. L. (Ed.), From email to earthquakes: On teaching and learning with technology in the California State University. Long Beach, CA: California State University Press.

Watson, J.  (2004).  Going beyond screen captures: Integrating video screen recording into your library instruction program.  Feliciter 50(2).  Canadian Library Association.  Available from Wilson Web database.


Software Reviews

Collingbourne, H. (2005, June). Camtasia Studio 3. Bitwise Magazine.

Smith, R. (2006, January). Web authoring: Macromedia Captivate review. Devarticles.


How-To Videos (from vendor sites)

TechSmith Camtasia

Macromedia Captivate


If you are using screen recordings in your classes, or if you have questions about how to do so, I would love to talk.  Also, if you have ideas or examples that you would like me to add to this page, please let me know.  Contact me by email at .  Happy recording!